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Meet Andres Wiest

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Minister of Mischief

Hi, I'm Andres. My life and success coaching philosophy is grounded in a simple yet transformative principle: adversity, whether stemming from personal missteps or life's unpredictable humor, can become a springboard for growth. That's the power of antifragile innovation.

My personal story, marked by a childhood battle with Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and a life-altering car accident at 21, has been an expedition through adversity. These experiences didn't break me; they instilled in me the resilience to thrive, and inspired the development of a unique coaching approach that combines NLP, meditation, and hypnotherapy.

As a certified life and success coach, my philosophy encompasses vision, wisdom, feeling, and power. Vision, for creating your unique roadmap to success, even in the face of adversity. Wisdom, derived from personal trials, to guide your journey. Feelings, harnessed as emotional intelligence, to transform your inner world. And power, the courage and determination to fuel your resilience.

Whether you're an individual grappling with personal challenges and seeking your purpose or a professional team navigating organizational complexities, my strategy is designed to help you pivot from adversity to opportunity. With techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming for cognitive reframing, meditation for emotional balance, and hypnotherapy for unlocking your potential, we'll create your unique vision of success.

With my antifragile coaching, we'll turn adversity into a catalyst for growth and innovation. Together, we'll confront challenges and ride the waves of change, using these tools to redefine success on your terms. My journey from educational trials to successful coaching is a testament to this transformative approach. Welcome to a future where adversity propels growth, a future I've lived, and am now eager to guide you through.

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