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Meet Andres Wiest

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Minister of Mischief

Welcome to Antifragile Innovation: Harnessing Adversity for Growth and Success
Hello, I’m Andres! I invite you on a transformative journey where challenges become our greatest allies. Inspired by Nassim Nicholas Taleb's concept, my Antifragile Innovation Coaching empowers individuals and teams to thrive amidst adversity.


Unveiling the Power of Adversity
Life's hurdles have sculpted me, instilling resilience and igniting a spark to devise a coaching model that melds Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), meditation, and hypnotherapy. NLP, a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal, along with the calming techniques of meditation and the transformative power of hypnotherapy, form the crux of my coaching methodology.


A Holistic Approach to Success
As a certified coach, I blend practical strategies with emotional intelligence to shepherd individuals and professional teams through rough waters, carving out a distinctive path to success.


Your Journey Towards an Antifragile Future
Together, we'll morph adversity into a springboard for growth and innovation, sailing through life's tempests in both personal and professional realms. Welcome to a realm where setbacks are but stepping stones to progress.


Hear From Those Who've Walked the Path
Don't just take my word for it; explore testimonials from my previous clients and see the transformation unfold.

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